This is the area where the Zumba Plymouth Team can add any other information that we think might be usefu to our students. For example, we might put details of upcoming events, charity functions or class updates.

In this section you will also find useful resources such as weight loss advice, footwear advice and even links to books that we think you might find useful. Its our chance to share with you the information that we frquently get asked in class.

You will also find information about booking us for one off events

If there is anything that you would like to see added to this section then you can contact the Zumba Plymouth team

  • Wow! what a blast. That is such a great way to get fit! We were bored, googled zumba plymouth and just turned up to see what it was all about. Now we’re hooked. Yey! bring on the... Read More

    Belinda 75

    I tried a Zumba class with Claire a few months ago and it is fair to say that i’ve been hooked ever since! After an hour of dancing i look like i’ve taken a shower with my clot... Read More


    No, i really enjoy the classes! Hoping to be able to attend a sentao or toning class at some point!... Read More


    i personally think the zumba classes are fantastic and i love every minute of it!!!... Read More