Zumba Plymouth offer all of the Zumba Specialities except Aqua Zumba. You will find that we offer Zumbatomic for children We provide classeds for 4-7 year olds as well as 7-11 year olds and teenagers. We also have the other end of the Spectrum with our Zumba Gold classes. These are edsgned for the older peron or some one that is recovering from an illness or injury where only moderate exercise is advised. Zumba Toning is

our class that invloves the use of weighted Toning Sticks that are filled with Rice and shake and make it

great fun to shake along with the Rhythmn of the music while Toning each major muscle group in your


Finally we have Zumba Sentao, this was launched in January 2012 at the Zumba Convention London. 

Claire Batten from Zumba Plymouth was in the first ever Instructors training course for Zumba Sentao.

Taught by Beto Perez, the founder of Zumba and Marci G the lead for Zumba Sentao.  Zumba Plymouth

include Zumba Sentao in their Zumba Toning Class. Whatever your Zumba need Zumba Plymouth can

help you.

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