Metafit is a bodyweight only training system. It is a 30 minute high intensity class that is challenging for all fitness levels. Many people in this class have lost lots of bodyfat and became lean and toned

high intensity interval training plymouth

Why is Metafit Different from my average class 
• It is Effective. – it really works when it comes to increasing fitness levels and melting off body fat.
•Time efficient. – Its only 30 mins.
•Functional. – It uses functional activities
•No kit required.
•Whole body workout.
•No choreography.
  • loved the video claire x can't wait for class on tues with my grandaughter also really looking to have a great time at our zumba party!!!!! you always inspire us :-) ... Read More


    Hi Claire,thought the class was fantastic the hour went so fast.Second week this week enjoyed it even more.Hoping to fit another class in each week.... Read More


    Hi Claire

    Me and my friends have tried all the Zumba classes in the Plymouth area – and they all differ greatly in presentation and style. We have found yours to be the one w... Read More

    Melissa Stone

    i personally think the zumba classes are fantastic and i love every minute of it!!!... Read More