ZUMBA®  Toning – Serious Body Sculpting for Party Animals

If you are looking for body sculpting, Zumba Toning Plymouth raises the bar (or rather, the toning stick). It is a combination of high-energy cardio work and Strength training in combination with world music based ZUMBA® ®  moves to create a calorie-scorching, super toning dance fitness-party. Participants learn how to use lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks which come in either 1.1lbs (green) or 2.5lbs (hardcore purple)

In class we will target arms, abdominals and thighs. ZUMBA®  Toning Plymouth is great for those of you who want to tone all their target zones, including arms, abs and thighs as well as melting off fat.

ZUMBA® Toning is the perfect way for enthusiasts to sculpt their bodies naturally while having a total blast.

ZUMBA® Toning Plymouth is great for those who have attended regular ZUMBA®  class and want to add some resistance work to your program. Ultimately fitness should involve both cardiovascular and muscle strength and endurance work creating a strong fit and healthy body.

The music that we use in our classes are based on the following rhythms

Salsa                  Merengue        Reggaeton        Cumbia       Cha Cha           

Flemenco          Bhangra          Hip Hop          Quebredita Latin Pop

How do regular ZUMBA®  and ZUMBA®  Toning Differ?

Basically, the biggest difference is the addition of resistance training exercises within the choreography by using toning sticks. The class is not purely based on cardiovascular fitness as in your regular ZUMBA®  class, instead it is more like circuit training (a few minutes of cardio followed by a few minutes of weight resistance training) which creates a higher calorie burn than resistance training alone. All of this is incorporated into your normal ZUMBA® style workout so fun is guaranteed.

What can you expect from your ZUMBA®  Toning Class ?

You can expect to sweat – a lot! If you’ve been participating in  ZUMBA®  for a while, you will be used to working your lower body to the rhythm of the music.  ZUMBA®  Toning now emphasizes the upper body too! In no time at all, this challenging workout will have you toned. As well as the toning effects, it will also help you improve your posture, balance, coordination, agility, bone density, joint mobility ….the list goes on and on why ZUMBA® Toning is good for you.

Will it make me Bulky!?

No, it will not. The truth is that due to hormones there are very few women who can “bulk up” easily. The ZUMBA® Toning Sticks are light weights used for a high number of reps  the effect of this will not make you develop significant muscle mass, but will make your muscle more toned and compact.. To gain a pound of muscle takes an incredible amount of work and heavy weight training. The name “ZUMBA® Toning” says it all. This class is meant to create a toned look – not a bulky look.

Tell Me About Toning Sticks

The maraca-like toning sticks come in 1 lb (green) and 2.5 lbs (purple). They are filled with sand, thus allowing more “give” than traditional hand weights, which helps prevent jarring which can occur with traditional weights. They let you shake, rattle and roll your way to toned muscles and a leaner body. They are lots of fun. When you come to class you will be given green sticks but you can purchase your own, if you do not want to share or want to workout or home or want to use the heavier 2.5lb sticks. If you come to class and would like to purchase Green or Purple Toning sticks you can order them below and pick them up in class. If you are hoping to progress you strength, we highly recommend using our green Toning Sticks and purchasing the purple ones. This was you can slowly get used to the increased weight

Can I use normal Hand Weights ?

You are able to use light hand weights instead of the toning sticks in a ZUMBA®  toning class, but because hand weights are rigid (as opposed to the flowing sand that is inside the toning sticks) you are not advised to shake them If you decide to bring traditional hand weights, then please do not go above a 3lb weight.

Can Anybody Attend Zumba® Toning?

This class is open to everyone, no previous dance or ZUMBA® class experience necessary. If you have any known medical or physical conditions you should consult your GP before undertaking a new exercise program. He/she will let you know if a ZUMBA®  Toning class is appropriate for you. You need to seek your GP’s approval for the following conditions before participating in a ZUMBA® Toning class:

  • Joint problems, tendonitis, bursitis or other orthopedic limitations
  • High blood pressure
  • Anybody with increased risk of stroke or heart attack

Do we dance with the Toning Sticks for the WHOLE Hour?

In class you will be dancing with songs that use the ZUMBA®  Toning sticks for the whole song. Some songs will use the Toning sticks for part of the song while others will not use the Sticks at all.

If you would like to try ZUMBA® Toning Plymouth you can see our latest schedule here.

Any questions you can email us

Look forward to seeing you in class soon ……..

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