What is ZUMBA® ? 

What is Zumba? ZUMBA® is the Latin and world music inspired dance fitness program with a party-like atmosphere that is so much fun, you wont notice that you are working out!

Like all the best inventions, ZUMBA® ® was created purely by accident. When Colombian fitness trainer Alberto “Beto” Perez forgot his normal aerobics music for his class….he ran to his car and grabbed the only CDs he had – his home music, merengue, salsa, bachata, he used this CD and made up easy to follow moves on the spot. His class LOVED it and his classes became very popular and ZUMBA®   a combination of sexy Latin dance, fitness and fun was created. It is now in 35 countries across the world!!

ZUMBA® ®  is a dance fitness program that combines Latin and world music with easy-to-follow dance moves. ZUMBA® ®  classes are based on interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and some resistance training. ZUMBA®  Plymouth  fans say it’s so popular because ZUMBA®  is such a fun way to work out.

Some of the rhythms that you will be using in your ZUMBA®  Plymouth class include:

Salsa                     Merengue             Reggaeton            Cumbia         Cha Cha

Flemenco             Bhangra               Hip Hop                Quebredita   Latin Pop

Bachata                Axe                        Soca

Research indicates that dance fitness workouts like ZUMBA®  can improve cardiopulmonary endurance when done at moderate intensity and duration. The bottom line is if you enjoy ZUMBA® , you’re more likely to stick with it — and more likely to enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise.

This class burns on average of 500-800Kcal a class depending on the effort that the particpant puts in. This means that it is excellent as part of any weightloss program. To encourage people who are losing weight we offer discounts in our classes to those who particpate in a weight loss group.

 What will happen in my ZUMBA®  Plymouth Class?

You will be welcomed and made to feel comfortable. You will then be taken through a warm up. The Instructor will show you different levels of choreography intensity and fitness intensity so you can make the workout suit you. You will be encouraged to party hard and let go of your inhibitions. There is no emphasis on looking like a carbon copy of your instructor. We want you to find you own style and flavour and just enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you in class very soon. To see our latest Zumba Plymouth class schedule please click here.

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